Our Charity is Refugio de Esperanza
[ Haven of Hope in Guatemala ]
Perhaps the best way to understand is to *see with mine own eyes* The Finger of God at work in this world. Here are some ...

Who is Refugio de Esperanza?

Refugio de Esperanza is an NGO (a registered international non-profit corporation). It is a division of Hope Haven International, registered in the United States of America as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, Headquartered in Iowa. You may visit the Hope Haven International webpage for the division in Antigua, Guatemala by clicking » HERE. [Will open in a new browser window or tab.]

Who receives your donation?

We send the donations directly to the two Americans in Guatemala who perform The Lord's work — Making the destitute natives who are completely non-ambulatory (cannot walk at all, their entire life) be able to get around the world again.

One Man of God: Mark Richard, Director of Operations at Hope Haven International in Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Sacatepequez, Guatemala. You may visit his Facebook Page » [click or TAP here] Mark Richard on Facebook.

The other Man of God: Dick Rutgers, Bethel Ministries in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. You may visit Dick's blog at » [click or TAP here] http://blog.dickrutgers.com/.

Below are some examples of the Work of God which they perform ...

Perhaps the best way to understand what they do is to "see with mine own eyes" The Finger of God at work in this world. Here are some YouTube Videos which will help you to see with your own eyes...

A little background ...What happens to children born with disabilities in much of the world?
In Guatemala, as well as much of the undeveloped world,
the parents of disabled children cannot afford either wheelchairs or motorized vehicles,
hence the children must crawl in the dirt to attend school.

There are no paved roads.
During the rainy seasons (when school is in session),
the mothers must carry their children to school in their arms.

Often the mothers have other children, or must work to feed their family.
These severely disabled children receive no education,
the children are not able to find employment, even when they grow up.
As a result of their disabilities, these severely disabled children must spend their entire lives as shut-ins at the homes of their desperately indigent parents.

Because there is absolutely no hope for these children to have a future,
and because they present an enormous life-long burden on their parents,
usually the mothers of disabled newborn babies are URGED by their families to kill their children immediately after their birth ...

'Just kill it. Kill it! It's just going to ruin your life.'

Timeline: 0:32 seconds into this video
Speaking: Amy DeYoung explains what happens in developing nations (third world countries) to children who are born with disabilities.

More videos from Mark Richard's YouTube Channel ...
Jessica's Story from Hope Haven Guatemala ... as told by Jessica's eyes and by Dick Rutgers' heart ... see the finger of God
Dick Rutgers, Hope Haven Guatemala and Bethel Ministries, holding Jessica in his lap, comforting her with his heart and ...
The Lord touching Dick's heart, and Jessica cries out to Our Father in Heaven.
Image of Jessica's emaciated leg being cradled lovingly by Dick Ruters's hand while Jessica ... who is holding Dick?

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