About Us - What we do and how we do it.
We Hear His Voice, we believe Him and we obey Jesus. We bear the testimony of Jesus Christ and we keep His Commandments.

This website and domain name, MarkRector.com, is owned by Mark Rector.
     » It was purchased many years ago, reserved for personal and business applications.
     » We have used it to host e-mail accounts, private FTP directories for friends and acquaintances, and so forth.
     » We have also used it to publish many personal works and preferences, including verse and prose compositions and to preserve musical productions.

If you wish you may consider it a "vanity website" — that is entirely within your earthly rights.
     » There may be a higher power which believes otherwise.
     » His opinion is the only one which counts, okay?

What do we do?

We serve the Lord.
     » We obey.
     » We keep His Commandments.
     » We bear the testimony of Jesus Christ.
     » We await His return.

We also have earthly labors.
     » In 2016 we formally retired.
     » We continue to labor, but not in a traditional employment vocation.

We teach and consult.
     » We know a little about physics and science.
     » We know a little about agriculture and horses.
     » We know a little about the Internet: what it is, what the Internet does and how it works.

How do we do it?

We ask Him what He wants us to do, and He tells us.
     » He is faithful, we do not rely upon our faith but upon His faithfulness: He will do what He has said that He will do.
     » It's what the word "faith" means: keeping one's promises, doing what one has promised to do.
     » No person has enough faith to achieve any work of God ... nobody.
     » Only He is faithful. Only God is holy.

All we need to do is to believe that God is Faithful to His word.
     » He gives to us a portion of HIS faith.
     "By grace ye are saved through faith; and that not your own: it is a GIFT."