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Watch the video 'Jessica's Story'... as told by Jessica's eyes and Dick Rutgers' heart.

Jessica's Story from Hope Haven Guatemala ... as told by Jessica's eyes and by Dick Rutgers' heart ... see the finger of God
Dick Rutgers, Hope Haven Guatemala and Bethel Ministries, holding Jessica in his lap, comforting her with his heart and ...
The Lord touching Dick's heart, and Jessica cries out to Our Father in Heaven.
Image of Jessica's emaciated leg being cradled lovingly by Dick Ruters's hand while Jessica ... who is holding Dick?

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 Music Videos . . .
     * Video of Michael Bolton singing How am I supposed to live without you? — with LYRICS.
          » MORE about the song above ... including a favorite video of Cat Stevens singing "Father and Son"
     * Five for Figthing (Vladimir John Ondrasik III) singing "The Riddle."
     * George Harrison's My Sweet Lord sung by the Fifth Beatle Billy Preston, with Erik Clapton and Paul in the band.

About one good work: Refugio de Esperanza
     [English: "Haven of Hope," a division of Hope Haven International, an American 501(c)3 NGO in Iowa].
This factory in Guatemala makes free wheelchairs distributed all over the world to those who are completely without all hope until Hope Haven International intervened.
     * This factory also employs Guatemalans who are themselves disabled and in wheelchairs
     ... those who once had to crawl in the dirt all of their lives, begging for alms because they could not walk or stand or work
     ... are now employed helping other disabled people all over the world who could never afford a wheelchair on their own;
     ... a lifetime of begging or being a shut-in all the days of their lives . . . Until Now.

To see the finger of God moving TAP HERE to watch Jessica's Story with Dick Rutgers in Guatamala.

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Original Verse - Table of Contents:
Please refer to the TOC & links below.

Romantic Verse + Prose Table of Contents.
     *  To you, if ever you should go ...
     * You don't have to ...
     * For being there — with a downloadable greeting card for your little cowgirl ...
     * I still think about you.

More Spiritual Verse:
     * Vanity and The Obvious
     * This Too Shall Pass
     * Another Virgin Spring
     * Rummaging through Aunt Emma's Photographs
(The Journal of Ethnicity in American Literature, 1978)
     * The Moment

An eclectic mix of poetry styles:
     * In the company of solitude
     * The kiss
     * Sticks and stones may ...

Prose and Musings:
     * Tonight I cried about him
     * How-to Hear the Audible Voice of God
     * The Good Neighbor
     * Famous Quotes on Computers, Programming and Technical Writing

Business pursuits:
     * 1974 to present: Lord Jesus' work. 1976: General Mills Corporation (6 1/2 years, general manager). 1982: Hunt Petroleum Corporation (16 3/4 years, Corporate Director of Purchasing, Colorado Division). 1999: Marathon/Ashland Petroleum (3 years, general management) ... and so forth.

Hobbies and Interests:
     * The hobbies and personal interests of Mark Rector
     * Our prize-winning recipe for Roux-based, Country-style Cajun Seafood Gumbo
     * Our stallion, the Miniature Warhorse Lazy R Ranch X Marks the Spot (AMHA)

Other Web Sites:
     * Other domain names, including those reserved by Lazy R Ranch for the benefit of Refugio de Esperanza de Guatemala
     * My Professional Opinion: The history of polymer geocell products (sometimes mistakenly referred to as "geogrid" products) is rife with low-quality imitations which look alike, but they are not the same.

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