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Videos of George Harrison's song My Sweet Lord being performed by the Fifth Beatle, Billy Preston, and by George Harrison himself.
Billy Preston singing My Sweet Lord at The Concert for George, 11/29/2002. The concert was a memorial to George Harrison on the first anniversary of his passing. The concert was performed at The Royal Albert Hall, London, England, The United Kingdom.
[note for Dick: Yes, the lyrics to the song My Sweet Lord are derived from the confused & misdirected/inaccurate theological human philosophies of Eastern religions.  In George's case, his religion derived from an eclectic mix of Hinduism/Brahmanism and others.  I share this video not because of George's religion, rather because the spirit of the song is inspirational.]
I think this video shows that George was seeking The Lord, and The Lord promised us unconditionally ...
Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall open. Ask and it shall be given.

Based solely upon The Lord's Promise above, and upon my discernment that George was truly seeking Him, and to be with Him, I too hope that George finally met The Lord and George's passionate prayer I Really Want To Be With You was fulfilled. It is only my opinion and hope, I have no word from The Lord regarding this, which is appropriate: it is not our business to know, as only The Lord knows the reins of a man's heart.
George Harrison performing My Sweet Lord himself, on YouTube ...

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