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Vanity and The Obvious

Abundant proof in wondrous sights,
Beyond the cities' shadowed blight.

Stark mountains blue-skies distant,
     Brazen river's thunder-dash,
Soft meadow's sweet contentment--
     Wrapped in heather like a sash,
Rich prairie wheat-sea rippling,
     Forest lush with promise teems:
Above the struggling sapling
     Royal oak its hope redeems.

Glad sun arouses every beast,
     But Man alone rebels.
And if, by awe's evangelist,
     We hear the praise it tells;
We smirk, and nod conceitedly—
     As though we knew of old—
What every bee and rock and tree
     Since earth's dawn clearly told:
"The Lord has formed the earth by hand
     "And left His fingerprint.
"In star-framed, sun-illumined land
     "We stumble, doubt, and squint."

"WE cannot see him,"  vain men say.
     "Behold, our hands are in the way!"

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