Written when I still considered myself an atheist, or at least a "materialist agnostic," this poem bears the unremarkable Jonathon Seagull-esque style of the early '70s. The message it carried eventually revealed itself to me later, when I came to understand what it was I was writing about.
Perhaps I wasn't writing it, perhaps it was writing me...
Originally published at: http://www.horsesense.ws/themoment.htm

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The Moment

I am tomorrow.
     I am the day.
I end your sorrow
     when I show the Way.

I am your conscience.
     Let me be free.
Lead you to one-ness,
     teach you to be.

I am the dawning
     of the new age.
My Word is adorning
     the world as a stage.

The cue: Man's complacence
     (he thinks me delayed).
I've bridled my vengence
     'til passion has played.

I hear the wind lowing.
     I see the sea simmer.
The darkness is growing,
     the glimmer grows dimmer.
The righteous path narrows.
     The weak fall astray.
The flight of the sparrow
     foretells Man's dismay.

O' redbird, sing lowly.
     The storm has begun.
Children, the Holy
     (a Body of One),
Aware of the Moment,
     look up on the Day;
Waiting for no man
     to show them the Way.
While guileful delayers,
     entangled on Earth,
Not hearing the prayers,
     not knowing their dirth,
Go running around
     making time fly fast.
Loveless cycle-bound
     'til the gate in the last
Gasping moment they see
     the potential they've lost:
Serving Mammon for free,
     without counting the cost.

Now, Lord!
     Make the Moment.
          Let morning begin.
     Undeniable omen
          that comes
               from within.

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