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Documentary Video — Jessica's story with Dick Rutgers and Mark Richard in Guatemala.

Refugio de Esperanza en Guatemala is a division of Hope Haven International. HHI is an American NGO [charity] in Iowa.

Jessica's Story from Hope Haven Guatemala ... as told by Jessica's eyes and by Dick Rutgers' heart ... see the finger of God

This is Jessica's Story.
Jessica is one of six children, her mother is a widow.
Jessica has Cerebral Palsy.
Jessica was taken to Hope Haven Guatemala (Refugio de Esperanza de Guatemala), where Mark Richard's organization manufactures and distributes free wheelchairs to disabled people who otherwise must crawl all their lives.
     Ref » [En Espanol, Spanish-language.]
     For American English please refer to » www.RefugioDeEsperanza.US
Dick Rutgers was at Hope Haven Guatemala when Jessica appeared.
     The Lord touched his heart, and this is what happened ...
* Dick saw a young girl, only six years old and weighing only sixteen (16) pounds.
     He had to do something, sometimes we simply cannot walk away.
* Dick shared Jessica's Story with pictures on his website »
* KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri produced a television special about Hope Haven Guatemala.
     The video portion of this production is excerpted from that TV special.
* I watched the TV Special, and was struck by the images and video.
     You will be too.
          I could see The Lord's finger moving in this video, touching the heart of Dick Rutgers.
               Can you see His Spirit moving in this video also?
* Jessica's Story is a bitter but sweet story ... sad and happy.
     Jessica's eyes tell the story.
          Look into Jessica's eyes, perhaps Our Father will touch your heart too.

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