Some doggerel I wrote a very long time ago: making this poem into greeting cards and selling them on consignment in local drugstores.
An entrepreneur is born, nurtured by feeding off the corpse of the dying poet.
     (Now, isn't that a romantic thought? Hhmm...)
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For being there ...

I am me.
     I have a friend.
Sometimes we find
     some time to spend.
We don't do much.
     We sit and talk
Or, silent, share
     an evening walk.

She has her life.
     I have my own.
But side by side
     we're still alone.
For I am me.
     And she is she.
Still, somehow,
     we make company.

She does not know what makes me blue
     or why I act
          the way I do.
She knows not why my heart exalts,
     or why I cry
          at pleasant thoughts.
She cannot share my lonely grief
     but being there
          is some relief.
She, smiling, nods and comprehends
     that I am me,
          and we're good friends.

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For Being There. A little girl hugging a new-born filly. Image text: You make me feel this good.

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