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Miss Audrey once asked me, "Did you write this song, Mark?"

Below: Refugio de Esperanza en Guatemala is a division of Hope Haven International. HHI is an American NGO [charity] in Iowa.

Jessica's Story from Hope Haven Guatemala ... as told by Jessica's eyes and by Dick Rutgers' heart ... see the finger of God

I answered her, "No I did not write this song, but I have listened to it hundreds of times, caught up in its passion and in the memories it evokes. Why do you ask?"

You would have liked Audrey very much, Elaine. Why don't you drop her a call?

Here is another song you might remember (I sang this song, Father and Son, to Miss Florence while she was cutting my hair, just before Brad and I hit the road for Colorado, eventually ending up in Berryville, Arkansas with some crazy cute coed tagging along ...]

Why don't you give Flo a call, she will remember the moment? [note: I said this while she was cutting my hair. That's when she prophesied to me that I would be married within a month, and I laughed out load, "Why Florence, I am not even seeing anyone, and I certainly have other things to do with my life." Boy, was I wrong...]

Below: Another of my favorite from the Seventies, Cat Stevens singing "Father and Son" ...

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