We do not represent any geocell products.

The history of polymer geocell products (sometimes mistakenly referred to as "geogrid" products) is rife with low-quality imitations which look alike, but they are not the same.
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A few facts to consider:

Fact: the product known by the brand name "hoof grid" was originally the product ECORASTER®; the product sold by that brand name is no longer the same product, it is a low-quality imitation.

Fact: the American brand name "hoof grid" is owned by Purus Plastics GmbH of Arzberg, Germany; the American company which is fraudulently using that brand name is doing so in direct contradiction to international court orders, and has lost all authority to do so.

Fact: the product known by the brand name "HIT-Grid" was originally the product ECORASTER®; soon after the product ECORASTER® was used to build the reputation of the "HITGrid" brand, that company substituted a low-quality similar product while continuing to use the reputation which had been built by the product ECORASTER®.

Fact: the product sold under the brand name as "Stable Grid" was never ECORASTER®, because the person who created this low-quality imitation was unaware that the original ECORASTER® product which was first introduced to her under the brand name "HIT-Grid" was not the product which she received. Before the product which was delivered to her the knock-off HIT-Grid had already replaced the original ECORASTER®. This person never knew what had happened; although it was her intention to create a knockoff of the original, in fact she created a knock-off of the knock-off completely unaware.

Sum: Let the buyer beware.

Below are some examples of the original ECORASTER®, which is also known by the registered tracemark ECOGRID® in the U.K. and Canada.

Compare those examples of das original to the examples of some American-made, and European-made, low-quality knockoffs which were made by companies which used the original ECORASTER® product to create their brand name — and then created their own low-quality knockoff and sold it to unsuspecting Americans using that American brand name of product.