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We do not care about all the knockoff geocell (geogrid) products.
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NOTE: We do not represent (or sell) any geocell products, under any brand name.
The history of polymer geocell products (sometimes mistakenly referred to as "geogrid" products) is rife with low-quality imitations which look alike, but they are not the same.
If you would like to receive our personal advice or consultation regarding the product known by the internationally registered trademark and brand name ECORASTER®, please do not hesitate to contact us personally.
Fact: the product known by the brand name "hoof grid" was originally the product ECORASTER®; the product sold by that brand name is no longer the same product, it is a low-quality imitation.
Fact: the American brand name "hoof grid" is owned by Purus Plastics GmbH of Arzberg, Germany; the American company which is fraudulently using that brand name is doing so in direct contradiction to international court orders, and has lost all authority to do so.
Fact: the product known by the brand name "HIT-Grid" was originally the product ECORASTER®; soon after the product ECORASTER® was used to build the reputation of the "HITGrid" brand, that company substituted a low-quality similar product while continuing to use the reputation which had been built by the product ECORASTER®.
Fact: the product sold under the brand name as "Stable Grid" was never ECORASTER®. The person who created this low-quality imitation "Stable Grid" purchased various existing brands of similar products — with the explicit intention to create a cheaper knock-off — which would allow her to sell her knock-off at a competitive price but keeping all of the profit margin to herself.
One of the existing products which she purchased was branded as HIT-Grid. She contacted HIT-America and purchased it under false intentions: she told the American representative of HIT that she wanted to become an American distributor of HIT-Grid.
When she first contacted the American representative of HIT, the product they were selling under their proprietary brand HIT-Grid was actually Ecoraster® E-30.
At that time HIT was an authorized distributor of the ecoraster® grid products to the equine industry within Germany.
By the time that the person who created the "cheap knock-off" which she named as stable-grid — the company HIT was in the midst of introducing their own Polish-made knock-off, while continuing to rerpresent to their customers the same proprietary brand name "HIT-Grid" whose reputation for quality had been built by the use of the ecoraster® E-30.
The person who created the cheap, low-quality knock-off "stable grid" was unaware that the original ECORASTER® product which was first introduced to her under the brand name "HIT-Grid" was not the product which she received — it was the HIT knock-off made in poland, but sold to her under the same brand name "HIT-Grid."
In other words: The product which the creator of "stable grid" received from Germany — which was delivered to her under the proprietary brand name HIT-Grid — had already been replaced with the Made-in-Poland knock-off of the original ecoraster® e-30.
This American knock-off artist never knew what happened to her: although it was her intention to create a knockoff of the original ecoraster® which had been marketed to her under the brand name HIT-Grid
... she in fact ended up creating a knock-off of the knock-off (completely unaware of what she had done).
Summary: Let the buyer beware.
Below are some examples of the original ECORASTER®, which is also known by the registered tracemark ECOGRID® in the U.K. and Canada.
Compare those examples of das original ecoraster® to the examples of some American-made, and European-made, low-quality knockoffs which were made by companies which used the original ECORASTER® product to create their brand name — and then created their own low-quality knockoff and sold it to unsuspecting Americans using that American brand name of product.
Below: Examples of das original ECORASTER® / ECOGRID®.
CLICK OR TAP for full-size images (will open in a new browser window).
Filename Grassed-Paving-CarPark-France__CIMG0118_640x480.JPG. Grass public parking in France. This is a parking plaza with asphalt lanes and high-traffic parking spaces that are healthy, green, lush grass ... vehicle traffic does not kill the grass when using ecoraster.
Filename University-of-Salzburg_permeable-paving-ecoraster_PICT0011_1280x960.JPG. This is the permanently pervious parking lot at the University of Salzburg - where only ECORASTER is used.
Filename StraßenbankettKreisverkehrBaden_567x756.jpg. An overview with a close-up of highways in Belgium which use ecoraster for roadside verges and emergency pull-off lanes.t
Filename Modul3_Hospital-parking-construction-2.jpg. Temporary parking in an orchard for hospital staff for six months. After the project was completed the ecoraster grids were still like new, with no damage  to the tree roots or to the grass. Sustainable, portatble and fully re-usable environmentally sound car parking.
Filename Autobahn-permanently-pervious-construction_ecoraster_640x480.jpg.JPG. Across all of Europe the AUTOBAHN uses only ecoraster grids, which are certified by both the DIN and EIN to support vehicular traffic on all public roads,  both public and private.
Filename Field-test_side-by-side_ecoraster-vs-other-grids.jpg. Close-up image of a side-by-side field test using both ecoraster® and one of the low-quality fake grids, this imitation was originally made in Germany but is now made in the U.S.A. as well. Do not be fooled, just because they look like they would work the same a ecoraster, hundreds of millions of squre meters of the knock-off geocell grids prove otherwise. Let the buyer beware.
Filename Warehouse-field-test_side-by-side_ecoraster-vs-other-grids.jpg. This was not meant to become a field test, it is an actual installation at a commercial warehouse-distribution center. Here we see a side-by-side product comparison clearly demonstrating the durability of ecoraster next to the rapidly decaying, imitation-fake geocell permeable grids. Below is the original, full-size phototgraph.
Below: A few examples of the American-made and European knock-offs ...
CLICK OR TAP to view the full-sized images below (in a new window).
Original filename GolPla-ecoraster-akaStabiliGrid-knockoff-cheap_comparison_600x500. Please remember that the low-quality, American-made knockoff junk sold as *stabiligrid* is no longer das original ecoraster® ... that is too is a cheap imitation intended to fool Americans.
Filename ORLY-ecoraster-at-paris-international-airport_1240x940.jpg. Pictured below: The customer dropoff area at Paris, FR International Airport.
Vehicular traffic loading: Typical consumer vehicles (auto/truck/suv); the T-Index does NOT include commercial vehicles.
Status: All occurences of the low-quality, knock-off plastic grids pictured have been replaced with das original, Made-in-Germany ECORASTER® grids. © Intellectual Property Rights are reserved: Mark Rector,
Original filename Achtung_fakes_600x140_85.jpg. This is the image which all of the international distributors worldwide had to include as file attachments to all of their ECORASTER clients. Why? Because a European knockoff artist had perfectly duplicated the *appearance* of the original ecoraster products — which reselted in many failed engineered stamped designs, simply because they bought a low-quality yet perfect knock-off grid. Let the buyer beware.
Filename 15_94.SAINT-MAURICE.19.07.07 015_1119x674.jpg. A nearly-perfect look-alike imitation of ecoraster — it even fooled the pavement engineers and the US-GSA inspectors. Notice what happens when even sub-compct autos dive on the low-quality knock-off geocell products made now in the USA as well as in Europe.