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Update 2016.10.25 [25 October 2016]: We have a new favorite music video, The Reason [aka "The Riddle} - by Five For Fighting.
The Reason by Five For Fighting [above] recently replaced my previous all-time favorite song: Vic Damone performing "On the Street Where You Live" in a real movie clip from the best Musical Rom-COM ever made: 'My Fair Lady.'

Another one of our previous favorite Video-Songs also had to move. BUT >>> you may watch Michael Bolton singing "How am I supposed to Live Without You" here.

Dateline: 2016.10.25 (25 October 2016): We have a new favorite music video ("new" as in "since 2006).
Five for Fighting's "The Riddle."
(The previous "favorite music video," Michael Bolton singing "How am I supposed to Live Without you" has move to another page.
Click Here to watch our previous all-time favorite music video.)

Below:  Five for Figthing (Vladimir John Ondrasik III)  singing "The Riddle."
Singer, song writer, pianist and producer: Vladimir John Ondrasik III, Stage name, "Five for Fighting."
Producer: Curt Schneider
Label: Aware (Single CD), Columbia (Album 'Two Lights, May 2006)
Music video directed by: Vem

Don't it make you want wonder if
there's a reason for the world?

Here's a riddle for you:
 Who am I?
A favorite postcard from 1978, especially popular for a daughter or granddaughter stricken by the "I love my horse" bug.
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