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It's a Scientific FACT: If something has already happened then it must be possible. Right?
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Below are some of the newer topics many believe we should discuss.
» The blood of the Lamb where is the physical blood which He shed on the cross for us, the blood which taketh away the sins of the world, the blood which cleanses not only this world but also heaven itself ... where is His blood today? We believe that the flesh body which died on the cross was resurrected and ascended into heaven, but I have never heard a sermon about His blood. Isn't HIS BLOOD as important as his resurrected and glorified body?
YAHWEH (aka JHVH or  Jehovah). What does it really mean?
"In the furthest future I will have had in the most distant past to have proven in the present who I am."
What happened? English does not support this tense, think of it as the Future PluPerfect/Past Participial Present Tense:
    ('In the furthest future » I will have in the most distant past')
+ ('at that point in the past » I will in the present')
+ (be who I always am and have been and will be ...')
= The Alpha and The Omega, the beginning and the end
+ I am in all times the same
+ I hold time in My hands
= YHWH [ancient Hebrew]
= JHVH [through intermediate languages into English]
It's similar to our limited perception of what He meant when He said that His Name shall be called "The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end."
Also, in the original Hebrew vowels were omitted; and some of the alphabets of intervening languages did not have the letters Y or W, which were changed to J and H respectively.
As a result the original YHWH eventually was translated into JHVH, and the English vowels were added yielding "Jehovah."
Why is this relevant?
What exactly is His "... one name given under heaven whereby a man can be saved?"
Is it "JEHOVAH" or is it "Yahweh?"
Is His name "JESUS" or is it "Yeshu Messiah?"
Why is Jesus called "the Son of God?" The archangel told Mary "therefore that holy THING which you bear shall be called the Son of God." That "holy thing" of course referred to His flesh and blood body, not to His identity the person who dwelt in the body.
So, where does our concept of the trinity (aka 'the triune God') appear in the Bible?
Nowhere in the bible, we have added this doctrine to God's word.
Then who is Jesus?
What does the descriptive title "Son of God" mean?
How many persons are God?
When will we finally be able to see the face of the only living Holy God?
When Jesus told us that we could command the elements of weather and order mountains to be removed ... was Jesus lying to us? Or were His words to be taken symbolically ... as though this was a parable or story which was for educational purposes only?
Scientific Protocols, as defined by the Father of Science Isaac Newton, are fivefold:
1. Observe a phenomenon.
2. Gather information (data).
3. Based upon the information, create an hypothesis ('What would explain this phenomenon?').
4. Test the hypothesis (scientific experementation).
5. Present the conclusion: does the hypothesis remain valid?
I like to apply Scientific Protocols to what I have seen happen with my own eyes: Observe a Phenomenon.
All science is based upon accurate observation ... observation is where ALL science starts.
Any rationalization that a phenomenon could not possibly have occured is not science: that is philosophy!
Applying scientific principles:
IF: a phenomenon has been observed to occur;
THEN: that occurrence must be possible.
So, what phenomenon did I observe occurring?
A tornado was commanded by a person, and it obeyed him.
Where and when did this phenomenon occur in the real,  physical world?
In Berryvile, Arkansas during the spring/summer tornado season of 1974.
The tornado was commanded in the name of Jesus Christ to move, and it moved, obeying the command. Check it out ... [Click] »
Below are some of the visions which God has shown me, would you like to share some of the visions God has shown you?
The vision of the antichrist and the false prophet [Click] »
The vision of Quanta (subatomic particles) at a group meeting, talking to, and responding to, each other at the speed of light [Click] »
Being sealed in the forehead by the Ancient of Days [Click] »
The vision in Paoli, Indiana: how God sees His Church when we gather together in His name and come before Him in worship [Click] »
The vision of the tools of God: when every other axe-head was released but mine stayed; I asked what was withholding this on axe-head from being released and was answered, "Pride" [Click] »
Below are some Life Groups or programs that I believe would be a good thing to offer.
Let's talk about Jesus and the power of His resurrection. When I was new in Christ, we spent all of our free time "talking about Jesus." Today I have nobody with whom to Talk About Jesus. More ... can we meet in Delphi to talk about Him? [Click] »
VBSS Vacation Bible School for seniors in Delphi, Indiana. There are so many seniors in Delphi who are not saved, but may think that they are. Their whole lives they have 'attended church' and have thought that repeating the right words and doing the right works is all that it takes to be saved.
Maybe the elderly in Delphi only need someone to bear the testimony of Jesus Christ to them? Let's make a fun, happy place where our more senior children in Christ can meet each other, and meet Him [Click] »
Tell us your personal Testimony of Jesus Christ. Who is saved? The bible tells us that only those whose names are written in The Lamb of God's Book of Life are saved, and that the requirement to have your name written into the only 'membership list' that matters is to bear the testimony of Jesus Christ. Let us talk about what Jesus did in our lives ... which is "the testimony of Jesus Christ" which we bear.
Here is my personal testimony of Jesus Christ [Click] »
Here is where you can read what others have told us of their testimonies of Jesus Christ [Click] »
Here is where you can submit your testimony of Jesus Christ [Click] »
Suggest a group. What have I forgotten? We each have something to share, we all have gifts and shortcomings, we are all part of The Body of Christ.
[Click] »
Evangelism Life Group. May I propose a new Life Group, one which follows the commandment and commission of Jesus Christ? I believe that we will be able to reach His sheep without offending anybody, without creating a conflict or dissembling, and will be received by all if we only offer, 'Can we pray for you?' Nobody will take offense at an offer to pray for them, would they? Please suggest to me how we may be able to evangelize Delphi I already have some ideas but I want to hear yours [Click] »
Below are some sermons I have heard, or would like to hear.
Some examples of Exegisis.
We discuss the common practise of Christian Apologists and theologists, their *explanation* of what God really meant - if only God had been as wise as these men. We use as an example the disagreement within Christian Denominations whether we should be baptized in water while reciting the words **in the name of  the Father, and of the Son, and of the  Holy Ghost** or should we do as Apostle Peter did when Peter instead OBEYED Jesus, telling the entire world **to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.**
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The mystery of God.
The mystery  of God: what, why, who, when, where and how?: Know God, who He is and what He is doing since before the creation of Heaven and earth, before He created the angelic Host of Heaven, before He made a tabernacle in Heaven and put His throne in the Holiest of Holies in Heaven.
LGBT What must the Church of Jesus Christ do regarding the world, the flesh and the devil in this world today?
The problem is the same as it always was: the cultural and social mores of this world do not match God's eternal Laws and Commandments.
The solution is the same as it always has been: Hear God, Believe God and Obey God.
Today there exists in the United States of America a great delusion: social-political movements are attempting to change the moral and ethical standards of this nation.
At the end of the one thousand years: we will have fully become one with Jesus Christ, and joined together into one body we will be the new creature.
That is why today the enemy in this world attacks marriage: throughout the entire history of Mankind the father of all lies, the first sinner who engenders all sin, the proud one who boasted himself against the Holy God, the serpent who lied to Adam and Eve, that great dragon at the end of this world who will fail to destroy the good which God has done, the adulterer who attempts to tempt the Bride of Christ away the The Promise of the holy God ...
Today there are many social-political movements which are spawned by the enemy: but the greatest are those which attack The Great Romance, the raison de etre for all of creation.