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Dennis Dubois tells us his testimony — when he heard the Audible Voice of God. FACT: if something has already happened then it must be possible. Right?
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From Dennis Dubois, Thunder Bay, Ontario on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 5:27 AM.
Dennis wrote and sent to me his personal testimony regarding Hearing the Audible Voice of God ...
 From Dennis Dubois, Thunder Bay, Ontario on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 5:27 AM.
I read your article, DOES GOD SPEAK TO US AUDIBLY, and I would like to share something with you.
In 1963 I lived in Thunder bay, Ontario Canada, and early one Sunday morning my wife & I decided to take a drive out to visit my parents who lived 60 miles west of Thunder Bay, in a small village called Raith.
The highway (highway 17) across northwestern Ontario is quite desolate country, mostly bush. Now on a Sunday morning in 1963 one would be lucky to meet 15 cars between Thunder Bay & Raith, Ontario.
Approx 35 miles out from Thunder Bay I rounded a corner (right turn) and was on a straight stretch of highway which was only about 1000 feet long, then there was a sharp curve (left turn).
Now when I was on this short stretch of road, I heard an audible voice, say
I slowed down the car and I thought my wife said it. She said she didn’t say anything.
The voice repeated the same warning, and this time I pulled off the road.

My wife was quite annoyed at me, and said there wasn’t a car in sight and wanted me to start driving the car again (one couldn’t see around the curve, because of the heavy bush in this part of the country).  Also our 1 year old daughter was sleeping in the back seat.
We must have waited approx 1 or 2 minutes, when suddenly a blue station wagon rounded the curve, about 300 feet in front of us. He hit the shoulder on my side of the road, then jack-knifed to the other side, and when he came by us his head was bobbing back & forth off the steering wheel. What appeared to be his wife, was sitting petrified beside him & there were also 2 small children in the back of their vehicle.
At this point I took off and was planning to report this to the Ontario Provincial Police. There was a remote police station approximately 3 miles up ahead, but as I rounded the curve, coming towards us was a police car, coming at high speed with his lights flashing.  I guess someone already reported the incident.
A few days later I read about his arrest in the daily newspaper.

I was so spiritually blind at this time that I thought it was a voice from a UFO or something. I didn't really give it much thought.

Approximately two years later I took very ill - and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.
It was during this time that something drove me to study the Bible, and this I did.
I couldn’t understand anything in the bible, and for two months I studied and I told God repeatedly that if he existed that I didn’t know him.
Finally he introduced himself to me in a way that you might not believe, but the testimonies I could share would take so much time.
I thought I would share this experience with you, because perhaps it can strengthen the Faith of someone else.
What I have told you is true, I have no reason to lie about this.
 God bless you in your ongoing work.
Take care,....Dennis
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Why is it important to bear the Testimony of Jesus Christ?
» Because the only people who enter into heaven are those whose names are written in The Lamb of God's Book of Life.
Whose names does Jesus Christ write into His Book of Life?
» Specifically and authoritvely: "Those who bear the Testimony of Jesus Christ."  [You can look it up, it is in the Book of Revlations.]
It is true, there are many ways that many Christians and organized Christian denominations attempt to answer the question 'Who gets into heaven?'
» Some add to the Word of God, quoting 'the Roman Road.' But the Book of Romans does not specifically say that this is the final definition of who goes to Heaven and who does not; rather we only PRESUME that if a person 'confesses with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believes in their heart that God has raised Him from the dead they will be saved' means that we must only recite those words in ordr to get into heaven. It does NOT say that, read it again.
» Also some will cite the Book of Acts when Peter replied to the people's question "What must we do to be saved?" and he replied: "Confess and repent and be baptized in the name of JESUS CHRIST for the REMISSION of sin ..." but that verseddoes not specifically define the answer to the question at hand: Who gets into heaven?
Please notice that, to the best of my knowledge, there is only one place in the entire bible where it specifically defines and answers the question "Who gets into heaven?" Refer to The Book of Revelations.